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Wannabe singer, something near the definition of a writer; I blog a lot about
Sherlock,NCIS,Castle,The Voice, Doctor Who, sometimes about Torchwood and really really a lot about NCIS Los Angeles; This is a fan blog as much as it is a personal one so you enter/follow on your own risk. Sometimes between the tv shows posts you might just get a glimpse of my soul...


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Always #LikeAGirl

To be proud and confident because you are a woman.

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What doesn’t kill Castle stands to make “Caskett” stronger. —David Amman on Castle season 7 (x)

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And I let you go.
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Your turn. Fair’s fair.
Fair?! It’s not fair. How is this fair?

Steve/Kono, Season 3
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Well…aren’t you two cozy.

The evolution of the “speaker phone”

It’s over.


I’m a sucker for h a p p y endings